Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week Without Google: Day Three

Today I was a bit shocked that I did not turn to Google more. I had to finish up a few finishing touches on sermon prep and I ended up writing a decent amount of articles. Maybe I am getting more accustomed to not reaching for Google.

Stuff I will probably go to bed without knowing that I would have Google Searched

  • What is CPS? Actually I figured this one out on my own. Child Protective Services. Did that without Mr. Google.
  • What are the names of the characters on Little House on the Prairie?
  • Did Tim Brown play his whole career with the Raiders or have an early stint with the Bears?
  • Do I capitalize “is” in a title?
  • Research Abeka curriculum for homeschooling.
  • I could have also used a little help preparing our guys Bible study for tonight on the Galatian heresy. Commentaries got me through though.

How this Google-fast as helped

  • Again I would have wasted some time on things that did not matter.
  • I also think figuring out CPS on my own proved that I would have quickly typed it in to Google and then slapped myself in the forehead and said, “duh” I knew that. It’s making me figure things out on my own.

How this Google-fast as hurt

  • I am realizing that often I use Google to keep me from looking like a moron (sometimes it works). There are still basic grammar things that I forget sometimes. And I also need help with a few pop-culture references or even grandma-culture references like Little House that I need assistance with.
  • I could have used some help researching the Galatian heresy.
  • I also would have liked to get pricing for Abeka curriculum in places other than a simple Amazon search.

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