Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today in Blogworld 01.10.13

When a Good Guy Writes a Bad Book

I joked yesterday on Twitter that I hope Challies doesn’t need to write an article like this if he reviews my book. But seriously, this is a great article. I’ve struggled with this on occasion when I’ve had to review a book that I didn’t particular dig from a guy that I really like the ministry of.

Husbands, Get a Part Time Job.

At first when I read this I wondered how a part time job could help a marriage. Then I got it…Great piece from Erik Raymond.

5 Church Planting Dangers

Tim Chester lists five dangerous church plants.

The Dangers of Theological Systems

I liked this article by Dave Miller. He explains why theological systems are dangerous and proposes a simple solution.

These are classy. I have to teach some of these to Isaiah:

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