Monday, January 14, 2013

Week Without Google Day One

Today I was out of the office for a good portion of my day. Therefore, it probably was not the best barometer of how much or why I actually use Google. Nonetheless, I did find myself wanting to do a few searches. Each day this week I will attempt to answer three questions in my summary.

Stuff I will probably go to bed without knowing that I would have Google Searched

  • What year did Bill Mazeroski (wait…was it Bill Mazeroski…) hit the shot heard round the world?
  • What were the top news items of 1958.
  • Some dude left a snarky comment on a blog I follow. I wanted to know if he ever wrote anything of his own or if he just sniped people.
  • Chapter outlines for Mark Dever’s book 12 Challenges Churches Face. (For a series on 1 Corinthians…I’ll just look at the book on my shelf).

How this Google-fast as helped

  • In an effort to write an article for our church in relation to our church constitution and church covenant I wanted to do a quick search for others that have had this task. I would have went to Google too soon. I was forced to slowly think through the issue on my own.
  • There is a good amount of worthless information that I would have spent my time on. As an example I probably would have wasted 15 minutes checking out snarky-comment-guy’s blog. Now I have no idea.

How this Google-fast as hurt

  • I struggle with remembering web addresses. Often I just type in what the site is to Google and get it quickly. This has proven difficult.
  • After writing that document for our church constitution on my own, I would have liked to have compared it with a few similar ones.

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