Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Today in Blogworld 01.01.13

Happy 2013!

Long Sustained Usefulness in Ministry: The Story of William Jay

As a history nerd I love hearing snippets of Christian history and meeting people that I have never really been exposed to before. Zack Eswine provides a quick summary of the ministry of William Jay with a few helpful lessons we can learn.

Gospel-Centered Expectations

“The nature of your expectations will have direct impact on your receptivity of future grace.” Tim Brister explains…

Top 25 posts of 2012

Or you could also call this 25 of the best articles from one of the best blogs. DG has posted their 25 best posts of 2012. Read through them today if you get a chance.

Lessons on Teaching

I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that Dr. Plummer is one of my favorite professors at Southern. I was excited to see that David Gunner Gunderson had Dr. Plummer answer a few questions about teaching. These are helpful. (HT: Patrick Schreiner)

I think this is serious. In case you didn’t know this isn’t a very fair representation of Calvinism or even John Calvin:

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