Monday, January 7, 2013

Why I Decided to Publish with @CruciformPress

Before I answer that question I have to confess that the title might be a little misleading. It is not as if I had ten to twelve different publishers knocking on my door begging me to publish with them. But Cruciform was the only place that I submitted my work to. I did not pursue publication with anyone else. The simplest answer to why I am being published by Cruciform is that they were crazy enough to take a chance on me. There is however, a much bigger answer to that question and I want to share it with you today.

Here are six reasons why I decided to pursue being published by CruciformPress over other publishers.

  1. I love their vision. They started by asking what a gospel-centered book-publishing company would look like in the 21st century. What they came up with was one that was focused on content, simplicity, reliability, trust, convenience, voice, and community.
  2. I love their team. Not that I know any of these guys personally but I know of all of them. Kevin Meath is a very experienced editor with eleven years as the chief editor for Sovereign Grace Ministries. I have benefited from many books co-authored by Bob Bevington. And Tim Challies is every bloggers hero. These men are trusted. If given the opportunity to partner with them why would I not?
  3. I love their books. Some of the best books that I have read since 2010 have been published by Cruciform Press. They are what they promise to be. Easy reads that are very helpful and drenched in the gospel. They' have certainly influenced by my own writing style.
  4. The new kind of publishing is compelling. Because Cruciform is more geared towards EBooks it offers a little better incentive to authors. It’s not your traditional publishing company. I love their idea behind subscriptions and keeping every book the same price.
  5. Most books should be this length. I don’t know how many times I have read a book that was 250 pages that should have been about 120. Perhaps it is because I grew up with microwaves and MTV but I think most books ought to be about the length of a Cruciform Press book. It is actually more challenging to write 20,000 words and make your point than trying to do it with 100,000 words.
  6. A great way to get my foot in the door. The truth is I need to get my foot in the door. An upstart company like Cruciform is a great place for new authors like myself to get a start. And the truth is I think it’s a great publishing company to continue working with. Most books I write (except the one I am hoping to write on John Newton) will probably be about this length.

If you are an author or prospective author I would suggest considering CruciformPress. I would also suggest subscribing to their new books. For a low price you get a new book every other month. And be sure to look for my book, Torn to Heal, releasing on May 1st.

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