Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week Without Google: Day Two

Today was more difficult to be without the Google Machine. My Tuesday’s are usually given to writing blog articles, stuff for the church, sermons, etc. It’s a busy day of reading, writing, and interacting. Therefore, I found myself wanting to use Google a bunch. Here is the rundown of day two without Google

Stuff I will probably go to bed without knowing that I would have Google Searched

  • A list showing the difference between the wise and the sluggard in Proverbs
  • Sho Baraka’s testimony (Listening to his new album I wondered what his story was).
  • Who is St. Dominick? (Richard Baxter mentioned him in my reading)
  • Is George Thorogood still living?
  • What does SMH stand for?
  • That article where Dr. Mohler outlined theological triage. I wanted to link to that for my article on 20 Directions for New Believers.
  • How do I make a “does not equal” sign on my keyboard

How this Google-fast as helped

  • I probably saved about 30 minutes that I would have wasted researching a few unimportant things—like George Thorogood or what SMH means.
  • I’m becoming more and more comfortable with simply not needing to know certain tidbits of information.

How this Google-fast as hurt

  • It looks like I use Google a ton to mask my computer ignorance
  • I would have liked to have researched St. Dominick and Sho Baraka’s testimony
  • It is good for helping me find articles quickly and being able to link to them


  1. Mike,
    I am not sure about the other stuff, but on the issue of finding relevant articles and what not, you could use an electronic cataloging system for storing the actual document and/or links to documents online. I have used Zotero in the past and it is quite excellent.

    1. I've used Zotero in the past for some stuff. And a cataloging system might be of benefit. But I'll probably just go back to good ol' Google next week. It's quicker.



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