Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law…Phil Jackson…I Don’t Understand

I dislike Phil Jackson just as much as any Bulls fan, but I really do not understand the uproar over his statements  concerning the Arizona Immigration Law.  Take what this guy had to say for example:

"Phil Jackson went political and that's not his job," said Jose Maldonado from Montclair. "His job is not governor, his job is not president, his job is not political, his job is to be a coach. When he said what he did he went political and that's the reason I'm standing here, to protest his involvement."

What?!?!  The whole point of the protest is that Jackson did not want to be political.  He did not want the Lakers wearing Los Lakers on their jersey.  His argument is that they are a basketball team and not a political entity.  So, because he did not take a stance—or the stance that they wanted him to take “he went political”. 

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we will soon find out that this way of thinking is far more than just a sports issue.  This is the mindset of the people that we are to share the glorious gospel of Jesus to.  You can say anything religious or spiritual until you take an unfavorable stance and then you are being bigoted, narrow-minded, etc.  But the claims of Jesus are exclusive and proclaim them we must. 

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