Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review of George Müller: Delighted in God by Roger Steer

Author: Roger Steer

Pages: 256 pages

Publisher: Christian Focus

Price: 11.89

Genre: Biography

Quick Summary:

If you have not heard of George Müller then you need to. As described on the back of this work Müller’s name is a “by-word for faith throughout the world”. Müller built orphanages on nothing more than faith. He did not accept a salary from preaching. He refused to ask individuals for money or materials. He simply sought God in prayer. Through Müller thousands of orphans were provided for, Bibles and tracts were distributed, and the faith of England was strengthened. This book is the story of what happens when somebody sets out to show “visible proof that our God and Father is the same faithful creator as he ever was.”

What I Liked:

I have always been deeply challenged by the life of George Müller, this book was no exception. I appreciated Roger Steer’s writing style as well. He is a very apt biographer. He was not blindly defensive of Müller nor was he needlessly skeptical. The book is put together well and draws richly from Müller’s own journals. But what I like most about Steer’s writing is that he adds story and flesh to the journals of Müller.

The life of George Müller does indeed strengthen my faith. It also causes me to think and ask questions. Should you “fundraise” how he did (only on your knees) or should you be more like Hudson Taylor who made his requests known but not to specific people? Even more bold still was D.L. Moody who would ask specific people for specific things. As my seminary professor pointed out all three of these men were blessed by God. Is one means better than the others? But more than this I had to ask myself at the end of the day—do I have faith like George Müller? If I do not have such a faith I have to ask myself, why. I serve the same God; why should I not have the same faith?

What I Disliked:

I spilt water on my book. Other than that I loved everything. Perhaps it would have been nice to have a little bit of commentary on Müller’s life interspersed throughout. I tend to like Iain Murray for that reason, but Steer did a wonderful job of simply telling it like it was.

Should You Buy It?

If you are not familiar with Müller then this book and/or his autobiography would be a great place to start. Müller’s faith strengthened Charles Spurgeon—certainly it will do the same for you.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  1. Dear Mike
    Thank you for your kind comments about my biography of George Muller. If you like my approach to writing biographies, you may like to read (unless you have already done so) my recent biography: 'Basic Christian: The Life of John Stott'. If you do/have read it, I should much appreciate your comments.

    Roger Steer

  2. Roger,

    I am honored that you would stop by my blog. I would love to read and review that book about John Stott. But seminary time is starting up again so all of my book budget will be spent on text books. Perhaps next summer :-)

    Thanks again for stopping by.



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