Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where Did _______ Come From?

I am going to start a new series here at Borrowed Light and I need your help.

Do you ever wonder where certain practices within Christianity comes from?  Perhaps you are Protestant and wonder why Catholics seem to worship the Virgin Mary.  When did that begin?  Where did the Pope come from?  Or maybe you wonder when we began doing certain practices such as altar calls or preaching behind a pulpit.  If you have any of these questions please either email them to me, leave them in the comment section, or leave a comment on Facebook.

Don’t be shy…


  1. OK, Mike, just where does the word, 'ALLAH' come from? Does it mean, a god, the god, gods, or what? We use ABBAH, YAHWEH, JEHOVAH to refer to our GOD, but I'm confused about Allah.

  2. Allah is the Arabic name for Yahweh, or Jehovah



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