Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick Review of The Greener Grass Conspiracy by Stephen Altrogge

Awhile back Crossway was giving away 100 copies of a book called The Greener Grass Conspiracy.  For some really strange reason (maybe it was part of a vast conspiracy) I decided I did not have time, or really the desire, to read a book about the global warming debates. 

Fast forward two months, when I make a startling discovery (apparently the man couldn’t keep it from me forever)!  The Greener Grass Conspiracy is actually NOT about global warming.  In fact it has nothing to do with global warming. 

This book is actually about finding contentment where God has you instead of searching for something better…greener grass.  Ah ha!  I get it now.  So, I purchased the book with a gift certificate from Crossway (by the way you should join their Impact: Member Rewards program).

As soon as I began reading this book I was hooked.  In fact after reading the introduction I put it on my list of books to turn into small group material.  The message here is so unbelievably helpful and relevant to those of that are constantly bombarded by this greener grass conspiracy. 

There are some books though that are ridiculously helpful and boldly biblical, but their pages must contain that chemical that is in mashed potatoes that makes you fall asleep after Thanksgiving dinner.  Altrogge’s book thankfully is not one of those.  He is humorous and forces you to pay attention to what he is writing. And it is good that you do because he exposes the greener grass conspiracy and replaces it with deep affections for Jesus. 

I would love to tell you that you NEED to read this book.  But would that be promoting the greener grass conspiracy?…(oh, man, whitey is sooooo sneaky).  So rather than saying that you NEED this book I will simply very strongly urge you to purchase this book and read it…and maybe also say that if you do not get this book your life will forever suck, none of your dreams will come true, and the grass in your yard will be brown and parched.

Seriously, though, this book was very helpful in my own walk with Jesus.  I don’t think there was really anything new in this book, but it Altrogge put things together in such a way that it caused me to see the ignorance of pursuing junk at the expense of enjoying Christ.  I needed this reminder.  This book really does expose the greener grass conspiracy and point you to a deeper satisfaction in Jesus.

You can purchase the book here

Also Stephen was kind enough to answer a few questions about his book.  You can read those seven questions and his responses here

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