Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Super Awesome Semi-Annual Crossway Giveaway

I like to give away books every month or so.  This month I will be giving away four super awesome books from Crossway.

1. A Quest for Godliness:
This first is one that I read awhile back and reviewed.  It has now been updated and revised with a much more appealing cover.

2. Tempted and Tried:

This book blew me away.  Perhaps the best book every published by Crossway and that is certainly saying something.  I reviewed this one a few weeks back.

3. Bringing the Gospel Home:

I am currently reading this book, and I should have it finished in a week or so.  It is a very helpful guide to sharing the gospel with family members and those closest to you.  Certainly, we all have a beloved unbeliever in our family or in our circle of close friends.  This book will help in bringing the gospel to them.

4. Comforts from the Cross: Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time

I regret to say that I have not started reading this book yet, but I know that if it is from the pen of Elyse Fitzpatrick it is going to be solid and helpful.

Fill out this form and you can have up to four chances to win: **The script is a little slow for some reason, so be patient and it will load. RSS readers may need to click through.


  1. you may have to wait a few seconds to let it load. I'm trying PunchTab for this giveaway...hopefully it works well.

    I'd suggest hitting refresh and then waiting for it to load up.

  2. The Leprechaun would so win. I mean, hello... magic...

  3. Leprechaun would win.. silly rabbit, trix are for kids!

  4. The Trix Rabbit is deceptively strong, so he gets my bet.

  5. The only person bold enough to pick the Trix rabbit and he/she does it anonymously



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