Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Arrogance of Choosing Your Own Mediator

“I have chosen Aaron to be the mediator”, says the Lord.  (Numbers 16-17)

“That’s ridiculous, we have a right to be the mediators”, says those involved in Korah’s rebellion.  “Who do Aaron and Moses think they are to tell us who can and cannot approach God”? 


“I have chosen Jesus to be THE mediator”, says the LORD.

“That’s ridiculous, I’m a good person and ought to be able to enter God’s presence anytime I want.  It’s part of what God owes me for having created me,” says those involved in the greater rebellion. 

“Who do these people think they are trying to tell us that Jesus is the only way to God?  That is so arrogant.  We disagree, anybody can get to God so long as they are sincere.”

So who is arrogant?  The one who says I believe God’s Word when he says “I have made Jesus THE mediator”, or the one who says, “I disagree LORD, we can have whoever we want for a mediator—heck, we don’t even need a mediator”? 

If you want to be consistent with God’s Word the humble thing to do is to believe that Jesus is the Aaronite priest (check out Hebrews) and not seek any other mediators—including yourself. 

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