Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is it too small a thing?

I have a really good introduction for this article.  I tell you a really funny story about a toy, gadget, etc. that I really wanted because I knew that it would solve all of my problems.  It was one of those things that I absolutely had to have. 

In this really good introduction I explain how I worked hard to get this new toy/gadget; either through actually working or “working” the way that jobless kids do--by figuring out how to manufacture the right balance of enough, tears, whining, and solid behavior to merit such an awesome gift. 

I continue in this super amazing introduction for a couple paragraphs explaining my hard labor only to drop the bomb on you in paragraph six.  When I finally brought home the world-saving, Mike changing, product I soon discover that it is really a piece of junk.  Kind of like that disappointing moment when you realize your McDonalds cheeseburger isn’t nearly as scrumptious as its savory picture.  No matter how awesome it really is it can never live up to the dream that I had created for it. 

Unfortunately, for both you and I, I cannot give you this introduction.  And I don’t know why.  I know that this little story has replayed a million times but for the life of me I cannot remember these products that brought such disappointment into my life.  Maybe if I ransacked my closets or took a perusal of the local Goodwill one of these treasures would present itself to my memory, because that is where these life-changers now find themselves: in the land of misfit toys. 

Perhaps that in itself is telling.  The grass is always greener on the other side, McDonalds cheeseburgers are more photogenic than tasty, and nothing satisfies a discontented heart. 

Consider Korah’s rebellion. 

Korah and a few of his friends gather together to complain to Moses and Aaron about what they don’t have.  What they do not have Moses and Aaron have.  They quickly assess themselves—comparing their greatest features to the worst of Moses and Aaron—and come to the startling conclusion that they deserve this one thing that they lack.  Cue the spotlights, drums, and angelic sounds as we pan to their longed for possession—the priesthood. 

Moses gets to the heart when he says in verse 9, “…is it too small a thing for you…”  Here he lists off everything they do have (it takes two verses to finish this list).  Of course Korah and his homeboys are blind to this list because their eyes are fixed on the one thing they don’t have. 

So, yeah, apparently it is too small a thing to be separated from the rest of the congregation by the Lord, to be brought near to God himself, to do ministry, to serve the Lord before the great congregation, and to be able to do it with your closest of kin.  It’s too small because it’s not everything.  They want it ALL! 

Their grumbling, notes Moses, is not primarily against Aaron.  Their grumbling is against God. 

And so is mine. 

The Lord stands before me today and says, “…is it too small a thing…”  and continues for hours upon hours to list of the multitude of my blessings.  He’ll be doing this for all of eternity as his kindness towards me is infinite. 

The question for me today is this: Am I going to be like Korah and grumble about the thing(s) that I do not have, or am I going to celebrate the army of blessings he’s already given me in his quest to destroy the works of the devil? 

Celebrate grace.

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