Friday, September 2, 2011

Here Lies…A Very Disappointed Man

Found this in one of John Wesley’s journal entries:


I cannot find much more information about the labors of Solomon Ashburn but I bet he was a pretty sad dude.  There is a reason why Jeremiah is called “the weeping prophet”.  Occasionally, the Lord will hide from our eyes the fruit that comes from our ministries.  Mr. Ashburn never saw the harvest that God allowed Wesley to reap upon the soil which he planted.  And it will sometimes be the same with us. 

In light of this difficult that often attends the ministry I find these two quotes helpful.  First, from John Newton to what appears to be a discouraged John Ryland, Jr.:

A faithful, humble minister cannot be unsuccessful; he shall prosper in the thing for which he is sent.  (Gordon, Wise Counsel, 215)

Secondly, is a quote from Charles Bridges’ that I first read on a helpful article from John Piper:

Our recompense is measured not according to 'our success' but 'our labor' and, as with our blessed Master, vouchsafed even in the failure of our ministration.” God rewards our labor, even if we “fail.” Like Jesus.

Our task as ambassador’s of Christ is to be faithful to the King’s message.  Success is marked by fidelity to the task.  May we be found faithful.

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