Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Reasons Husbands Should Pray for Their Wives

I’ve been thinking recently about my need to pray for my wife. And I don’t just mean a quick little prayer for her in the morning or at night; I mean intentional and devoted praying for my wife. As I’ve been thinking through this and trying to practice it, I’ve thought about a few reasons to pray for our wives. Here are seven:
  1. Prayer softens my heart towards her. I’m usually tender towards my wife. But I’m also a sinner—and sadly, I can have times of callousness. Prayer keeps my heart soft because it helps me see her more accurately.
  2. Prayer directs my heart towards her. I can get so wrapped up in my own business that I am blind to her needs. Prayer causes me to dedicate time to thinking about her struggles, successes, and needs.
  3. Prayer binds my heart to hers. When I pray for my wife I am invested in her. You show me a husband that is abusing his wife, disrespecting her, cheating on her, or something else, and I will show you a husband that has stopped praying for his wife. Prayer molds my heart to the heart of my wife.
  4. Prayer helps me celebrate her. Our wives are a gift to us. We husbands ignorantly forget that sometimes. Intentional times of thanksgiving for my wife reminds of what a gift she is to me.
  5. Prayer puts me in my place. I can be a selfish jerk. My mind and heart can go haywire and I can have prideful, fearful, bitter, and selfish thoughts towards my wife. It’s kind of hard to maintain that posture on your knees before a holy God.
  6. Prayer is how I fight for her. I’m called to fight for my wife’s joy in Christ. That, to our shame, is not something that often comes easily. Prayer is one of the ways that I fight for her joy in God. Bible study is not the only way that I can wash her in the water of the word. Praying Scripture over her is another way that I can do this.
  7. She needs it. My wife is a redeemed sinner that is being constantly renewed. She needs Jesus every moment. Not to mention that her task as a wife to me is daunting. Throw on top of this her calling as a mother to our two young children. She needs prayer.
Husbands, pray for your wives.

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