Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update on Pray For Your Wife: 31 Day Challenge

I am blown away by the positive response to our 31 Day Prayer Challenge. As of this writing we have 645 guys that are signed up to pray for their wife for 31 days. And that number keeps growing every minute.

I thought it might be beneficial to give everyone a quick rundown of how this will work.

Every Morning

Lord willing, every morning before 9am ET, I will post to the Facebook group a status including a verse, a short commentary, and a sample prayer. Your task will be to comment on that status with your own prayer or simply “like” the post as a means of accountability.

I’ve received input from several ladies (including my own wife) about some of the specific things that they would like prayer for. It’s amazing how similar these lists were. These lists and my own study of Scripture will inform what we pray for in these 31 days.

I also challenge you to pray for the other guys in this group. Rather than just praying a general prayer, I would encourage you to click on the link that reveals our group members. Pick 5-10 random people and pray specifically for these men that they would be the husbands that God calls them to be, and that He would find his lasting satisfaction in God.

Blog Followers

There have also been a few people that have indicated they would like to accept this prayer challenge but are not on Facebook. Have no fears. Simply follow Borrowed Light and I’ll post the verse, commentary, and sample prayer around 2:00pm ET every day. I cannot post it in the morning because of other articles that will post. (See here).

For your accountability you can simply comment on the blog post. I’ll commit to praying for those that comment…and if you see other guys commenting on the blog post be sure to pray for them as well.

Keep It Going

I would also encourage you to keep inviting your friends. I don’t think we can have too many guys praying for their wives.

Furthermore, I want to encourage you guys to interact with one another throughout this challenge. Feel free to post some of your struggles. Post answers to our prayers. And please give us even more specific prayers.

Let’s stand in awe of how God is going to change our hearts and work and move in our lives through His gift of prayer.


P.S. We now have 655 guys signed up…

There’s still time for you to be number 656. Sign up, today!


  1. Just checked FB. 827 members! SWEET!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I guess we should just read Peter then and throw out the rest.

  3. Not on Facebook, but will participate via the blog. Thank you for doing this.

  4. I will only follow via the blog as well. I really appreciate the opportunity for growth in this very important area of my walk.

  5. I will use the blog also, I don't do FB... sorry :-(

  6. Day one done but were is day 2? Thanks!

  7. Subscribed and participating through the blog. Thanks Mike!



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