Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pray For Your Wife: 31 Day Challenge

Last week I listed 7 Reasons Husbands Should Pray for Their Wives. It had a favorable response and so I thought that perhaps we should take this a step further.

Beginning on August 1st, I want to challenge guys to a 31 Day Challenge of praying for your wife every day. As I’ve thought about this what I believe I really need is to put a FACE on praying for my wife:

  • Focus—I need to know what specifically to pray for my wife or I’ll just keep praying the same things over and over again.
  • Accountability—I need a group of guys to keep me accountable and remind me daily to passionately pray for my wife.
  • Challenge—I need to be challenged to go deeper in the way that I pray for my wife. A community of other guys praying will help shape my prayers.
  • Encouragement—Sometimes we pray for things and God’s answer is slower than we like. We need encouragement to keep praying.

If you need these things too I want to invite you to join me in praying for your wife. Here are steps to take in joining with me:

First, join the 31 Day Pray For Your Wife Challenge Facebook group. It is a closed group so you’ll have to ask for an invite. If you have any problems email me ( mike [at] fbjasper [dot] org )

Secondly, get the word out. Every married guy needs to be praying for his wife. This is one way to encourage you to do just that. Retweet this post, like it on Facebook, do whatever you can to involve more and more guys. Brothers, we need a community like this to put a FACE on our prayers.

How Will it Work?

Every day I will post a particular focus for our prayers along with a sample prayer. You can comment with your own prayers, etc. Also you will be challenged to “like” that status if you prayed for your wife that day, as a means of accountability. My hope is that we create a little community where we can pray for our wives, share our concerns, pray for one another as husbands, etc.

I also would love to share testimonies of what the Lord does through our prayers for our wives.

Also if you are engaged, separated, or anything else that might make you think that you aren’t qualified to join this—fear not. You can even pray for your future spouse or the spouse that you are estranged from. Maybe the Lord will use this as a means to restore broken relationships.

Will you join us?


  1. Would love to take part in this but, for various reasons, I am not a Facebook member. Don't want to be either. It would be nice if others could participate without having to get involved in Facebook.

    1. Dwight,
      Follow Borrowed Light and I'll post the prayers here every morning as well. You can just follow along through here. It won't be quite the same--but I think you'll still be able to put a FACE to your prayers for your wife.

  2. Same here... I choose not to be a member of Facebook (never have been).

  3. Just back from Venezuela. My wife and kids are still there for another week helping the church there with their VBS. This is a great idea as I'm already praying for them all. I'm just a little behind on my blog reading, so I'll pray through until I get caught up.



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