Friday, November 7, 2008

The Burning of a Strawman

The John 3:16 Conference is currently in session. It is being hailed as the "majoritarian Southern Baptist response to the "Building Bridges" and "Together for the Gospel" conferences." If you are looking for live-streaming or updated feeds or anything of the sort you will not find it. If you want a DVD or CD, do not expect to get it free online. You've got to pay.

This could have been a good thing. It could have been a serious engagement with the issues of Calvinism and Arminianism. There are good questions to ask. My first impressions (Andrew Lindsey is live-blogging it on are that this is another attack on a straw-man. It's not too difficult to tear down the "heresy" of Calvinism when you redefine it and make it nothing short of heretical. If I ever am able to get my hands on more than just Andrew's notes perhaps I will attempt a response--or link to responses by far more skilled writers.


  1. Eh...the strawmen fly on every side. Calvinists do it against Arminians and Open Theists; Arminians and Open Theists do it against Calvinism. No wonder we can't get anywhere in the discussion.

  2. Point taken...then let this conference be a reminder to us (of whatever theological bent) to discuss matters fairly and not burn strawmen.



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