Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today in Blogworld 11/29

I won't post the picture here--but with having some Native American heritage something about this pic resonates with me.

Great D.A. Carson interview (at least I'm assuming it's great--haven't had the chance to listen yet) over at Church Matters.

This was a neat story about 3 time Super Bowl Champion Je'Rod Cherry: Cherry Hopes Hollow Ring Will Save Children.

Steve McCoy hooks us up with new Tim Keller audio on Preaching to the Heart.

If you are near the St. Louis area this sounds pretty cool: A Global Networking Dialogue.

The Resurgence has posted free media of a recent Parenting Conference with Tedd Tripp.

This post generated some heat. Tom Ascol discusses three events that widened the divide between the SBC and Calvinism. Be sure to read all of the comments.

Here's a promo for the latest book all of your friends will want for Christmas--give it a few months and maybe your church will be having a seminar:
(HT: Riddleblog)


  1. Hopefully from the Bible....but you are allowed to use many different translations to make it seem extra biblical :-)

    I thought maybe we could do this book as our next study on Thursday's....actually I do have a suggestion for that...I'll e-mail it to you today (Now that I finally have my laptop back).



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