Thursday, November 6, 2008

Precious Remedies Chap 2.2

Device #2 and Remedies

"By painting sin with virtues colors"

Brooks is saying here that this device of Satan is to paint a different picture of sin that what it really is. "Pride, he presents to the soul under the name and notion of neatness and cleanliness, and covetousness to be but good husbandry; and drunkeness as good fellowship, and riotousness under the name and notion of liberality, and wantonness as a trick of youth." (34) For remedies:
  • Consider that sin is never a whit the less filthy, vile, and abominable, by its being colored and painted with virtue's colors.
  • That the more sin is painted forth under the color of virtue, the more dangerous it is to the souls of men.
  • To look on sin with that eye [with] which within a few hours we shall it. (In other words, look at sin with the eyes of dying man)
  • Seriously to consider, that even those very sins that Satan paints, and puts new names and colors upon, cost the best blood, the noblest blood, the life-blood, the heart-blood, of the Lord Jesus.

Quick Thoughts:

Call sin what it is. Satan is in the business of toning down sin and our flesh is comforted by such a thing. Our hearts shun conviction when we paint gossip as a "prayer concern". Is it "having an affair" or is it committing adultery? Brooks, is encouraging us to not join Satan in painting virtue on things that cost Christ his life. Consider what that "little sin" that you are trifling with has cost the Lord. Yes, it is not only for the "gross" sins that Jesus has died but also for the "respectable" ones.

Extracted Elixir's

"A poisonous pill is never a whit the less poisonous because it is gilded over with gold..." (34)

"...look upon sin now as you must look upon it to all eternity." (36)

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