Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today in Blogworld 11/06

There are about a million links on the Obama election and pre-Obama election. You can find those elsewhere. There is one that you absoultely must check out. It was written by Dr. Wyman Richardson, it is a true/false test that puts all of this election stuff in perspective. Please read it, especially if you are discouraged. Okay, actually one more that is a good read: Dan Phillips' Lament for America

Funny story posted by Josh Harris about Terrorist and the Time Changes.

This one is funny, I'd post the video but I am substitute teaching again and cannot post videos. It's a new techonoly to take your preaching to the next level. Watch it here.

Speak of preaching great words from Piper a few days ago: Is it true and is it precious? Preach what is both. If it is true, preach it with authority. If it is precious, preach it with passion. Read the rest...

Great reminder from William Gurnall on Christ's Love for Tempted Saints.

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