Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices Chap. 2.1

Chapter 2 is a rather long chapter. I will be breaking it up into each device and give the remedies, a brief discussion, and then a few notable quotes. These devices are particularly those that Satan uses to draw the soul to sin.

Device #1 and Remedies

"To present the bait and hide the hook"

In other words Satan presents the pleasure of sin but not the painful after affects. "There is an opening of the mind to contemplation and joy, and there is an opening of the eyes of the body to shame and confusion. He promiseth them the former, but intends the latter, and so cheats them--giving them an apple in exchange for a paradise, as he deals by thousands now-a-days." (29) For remedies:
  • Keep at a great distance from sin, and from playing with the golden bait that Satan holds forth to catch you
  • Consider that sin is but a bitter sweet
  • Consider that sin will usher in the greatest and saddest losses that can be upon our souls
  • Consider that sin is of a very deceitful and bewitching nature

Quick Thoughts:

This is a fitting first device because it seems to be the one that Satan most often employs. He makes sin look sweet and hides the destruction it brings. I have witnessed countless youth dabble with sin only to find themselves ensnared by it. Brooks' remedies are also helpful. If we would consistently remember to call sin what it is, remove the pretty looking bait, and observe the hook, then we would be less likely to fall into these traps Satan sets before us.

Extracted Elixir's (I know it's a stretch!)

"Adversity hath slain her thousand, but prosperity her ten thousand". (30)

"If there were the least real delight in sin, there could be no perfect hell, where men shall most perfectly be tormented with their sin." (32)

"Sin so bewitches the soul, that it makes the soul call evil good, and good evil..." (33)

"...a man bewitched with sin had rather lose God, Christ, heaven, and his own soul than part with his sin." (34)

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