Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today in Blogworld 2.9.11

This is more like the last 5 days in blogworld.  Sorry for my absence.

Free Chapter of Redemption.  (You are going to want to buy this book , I’ll be reviewing it in the next few days).

How to Provoke Your Children to Anger

Erik Raymond wonders if we preach a day of atonement gospel…

Challies is interviewing MacArthur.  Check out the first 5 Q’s.

The Holcomb’s are clearing up Myths and Misconceptions about Sexual Assault

In case you ever wondered about Carl Trueman’s reading habits…

CJ on The Pastor on Personal Criticism:  A Kind and Painful Bruising

David Murray on sorrow overload.  (HT: JT)

Preach it Until You Feel It

The Centrality of the Gospel in a Distracted World

I’ve got more, but this will keep you busy for today…

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