Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Stop IT!

There are actually some times when this may be good counseling.  Of course it would need to be firmly supported by a decent season of gospel teaching.  So that the encouragement to STOP IT! is something that stems from the gospel.  In other words Jesus redeemed you from sin now stop living in it! 

But there are also other times when this is horrible counseling.  And it has left a good number of people hurt in its wake.  I think especially of two hot button issues within the church today; homosexuality and depression.  Consider depression.  How do you tell someone whose mind is broken to “STOP IT”?  In order to have the power to STOP IT I need my brain to function normally.  That takes time and a ton of gospel work.  The same thing goes with homosexual desires.  (Consider Wesley Hill’s book as a resource for this). 

Lord, give me the grace to trust in the power of the gospel.  Without Your grace my sense of urgency (helping people, helping myself) will quickly turn into impatience.  Help me to see that often gospel work takes time to root out idols and replace them with Christ.  Forgive me for times when I have counseled people to STOP IT when all they really needed was a partner.  Forgive me also for times when I’ve been cowardly and refused to believe in the power of the gospel.  Forgive me for times when I should have said STOP IT, but instead I cowered.  Thank you that people’s health and the furtherance of your kingdom does not depend on me “getting it” and ministering perfectly.  Thanks for your grace.

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