Monday, April 2, 2012

Idol Destruction 101 (Part 1)

Why do we lie, or fail to love, or break our promises, or live selfishly? Of course, the general answer is “Because we are weak and sinful,” but the specific answer is that there is something besides Jesus Christ that we feel we must have to be happy, something that is more important to our heart than God, something that is enslaving our heart through inordinate desires. The key to change (and even to self-understanding) is therefore to identify the idols of the heart.” 

-Tim Keller

In other words, the root of your rebellion, brokenness, and failures is idolatry.  If we want to push back against our rebellion, be healed of brokenness, and grow in holiness the answer is to identify and then destroy idols of the heart.  But this begs a question.  How?  How do I identify idols, how do I go about uprooting them, and how do I replace them with a deeper love and affection for Christ?

Do I place on my idol miner’s hat, fully equipped with a my idol exposing flash light?  Do I gather my gospel gear, complete with my idol smashing pick axe?  And when I’ve uprooted this dastardly idol what tools and weapons do I use to supplant the idol with deeper affections for Christ?  Or do I simply put down my mining equipment and do something entirely different to see idols of the heart destroyed and supplanted? 

I hope to provide an answer to these questions in the upcoming days…

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