Monday, April 16, 2012

7 Reflections on #T4G12

First of all I am thankful to my wife and church family for giving me the opportunity to attend this event.  It was a blessing to me and a great encouragement to my soul; both as a pastor and as a believer.  The speakers were faithful, the worship was wonderful, the fellowship enlivening, and the books were many.  I will not go into specifics as to what a particular speaker said, etc. but ere are a few things that I took from the conference. 

1. I have been underestimating the power of the gospel.  I need to stop it.  It’s not that I’ve been trying to “add” to the gospel.  It’s just that I have been silent or neutered in speaking when I should have been bold and confident in the Lord’s power.

2. I need to get over myself. 

3. God is really really amazing, and really really powerful, and really really a bunch of others words that cannot adequately describe how GOD, God is.  (I know that sentence didn’t make sense—but the only word to describe how ___ God is, is to use His own name).  He is sufficient.  He is worth every ounce of difficulty.  He is the point. 

4. I am to passionately labor with every bit of energy that I have within me to make Christ the only boast of this generation.  I am invited by God to join with Him in His task of creating a people from every people group.  That’s an awesome and joyous task. 

5. Jesus paid it all.  He really is going to keep me.  Yes, I labor and do it passionately and prayerfully.  But He is mighty to save!  Though many can take this statement the wrong way—it is helpful to my soul to know that I can missionally and pastorally screw up and Revelation 21-22 is still going to be a reality.  I don’t want to mess up.  I want to be faithful.  But the blood of Christ frees me up to just live. 

6. My task=be faithful to what God has called me to.  I don’t need to strive to anything other than faithfulness. 

7. There is nothing quite like being passionately involved in praising and worshiping God with 9,000 other passionate worshippers.  Heaven is going to be amazing (understatement of the millennium). 

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