Friday, April 13, 2012

The Root of Angry and Divisive Calvinists: Summary

Part One: What Happened to Mark?
Part Two: Is Seminary the Problem?
Part Three: The Root
Part Four: Knowledge that Puffs Up
Part Five: Letting Disputes Die, A Sign of Healing
Part Six: Epilogue, Or What Continued Happening to Mark
Part Seven: How to Help an Angry and Divisive Calvinist
Part Eight: Why the Title?

I pray that this series was beneficial.  It may also be helpful to check out this series at SBC Voices and the comment threads, especially on the first two parts.  (Note: That Part 5 at Borrowed Light is missing at SBC Voices, so parts 6-8 are 5-7 at SBC Voices). 

In response to some of the kickback from post 1 at SBC Voices I penned this article that you may also find helpful:  Brothers, We Must Do Better.

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