Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Ministry Musing: Praying for Preachers

Last night as I was preparing my heart and mind for preaching the Word in the Sunday evening service the Lord laid a heavy dose of conviction on my heart.  I found myself fervently praying for the preacher (myself), praying for faithfulness, praying that the gospel would go forth clearly, praying for what us preachers call “unction”.  Then it hit me.  I don’t pray like this when other people are preaching.

So I asked myself a few questions.  Why do I not pray as fervently when others are preaching?  What does that tell me about my heart and my passions?  Do I care more about the spread of the gospel or my spread of the gospel? 

Now I don’t want to be too hard on myself (if that’s possible).  I do know that anytime you buy a White Honda you begin to notice everyone else in town that is driving a White Honda.  When something is personal our eyes are more attentive and our hearts more fixated.  I think it’s only natural that I would be fervently praying before my preaching—and probably more so than when somebody else is preaching. 

However, this did serve as a rebuke to my heart and an encouragement to fervently pray for other pastors before they preach.  I preach on Sunday evenings and our lead pastor Jason preaches on Sunday morning.  This is a reminder for me to be very fervent in prayer for him not only throughout the week but also before he preaches.  My passion ought to be for the gospel to go forth no matter who is preaching. 

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