Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday's Ministry Musing: Omnipresence and Preaching

This from Zack Eswine's excellent book: Preaching to a Post-Everything World.

"When preachers encounter challenges and feel they face what no other preacher has faced, we sometimes think of God as if he is an old man out of touch with "these young people today." This feeling is understandable. Preachers encounter cultural realities previously unknown to them. Bioethics, postmodernism, AIDS, child prostitution, or digital technology seem beyond God's experience...

[Yet], it was God who taught Daniel the literature and language of Babylon (Dan. 1:4). Likewise, it was God who taught Jonah about Nineveh and not the other way around. God is omnilingual and omnipresent. God is an expert in the writings of Plato and Confucius. He is thoroughly acquainted with postmodern thought and Eastern mysticism. He understands the political theory and economic indicators of each nation. God has seen The Matrix; he knows how to use an iPod. God can discuss pluralism and lecture on agriculture. God kows the names of every national leader and the ways and locations of every rebel force." (Eswine, 102-103)

I needed to hear this today.

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