Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mangini is taking the Browns to the Super Bowl but only metaphorically

If this is true then I will have a really hard time being a Browns fan this season. It makes no sense to me. With each passing day I get more disgruntled with the Mangini/Kokinis regime. My opinion would not be popular to other Browns fans but I actually liked Savage and Crennel. I think they needed a couple more seasons then they would have been a championship caliber team. But that cannot be tested and is nothing but an opinion.

Cutler to the Browns seems like a step backward. Contrary to popular opinion the Browns have two pretty solid QB's in Quinn and Anderson. Why trade one and perhaps a pick to get another QB. Seems stupid. This team does not need another QB--especially Cutler. Yeah, he picked the Browns apart last season....but I think Todd Marinovich could have picked that secondary apart. So, I really hope they do not do this trade. And if they do this and Braylon Edwards goes....how can I root for a team filled with players I do not particularly care for?

Okay my weekly Browns venting is done.

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