Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Need Your Help: Discovering "That Guy"

I need your help. I am working on something and I need a few funny "that guy" illustrations. In case you do not know who "that guy" is let me fill you in. First of all you do not want to be "that guy". Nobody wants to be "that guy". "That guy" is the guy with a comb-over that fools nobody. "That guy" is the dude decked out in eye black, $125 cleats, pinstripes, and wrist bands for church-league softball. He's "that guy" that yells at the umpire, screams at his team, and shouts a churchy expletive when he pops up. (I think I've been "that guy" a couple times). I need your help. Be funny. I need more "that guy" illustrations.


  1. No matter who you bring up in a conversation, "that guy" knows him.

    No matter what you're talking about, "that guy" knows more about it than anyone else in the room.

  2. Barry,

    Wonderful. Thank you! I think sometimes pastor's can be "that guy" in this instance.



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