Friday, March 20, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 3/20

This could get ugly: Mark Dever makes comments about infant baptism....Michael Bird responds, calling his statements out of line. R. Scott Clark returns the favor; although saying not offended he says NOT practicing infant baptism is a sin. This has the potential to get really ugly because it calls into question the sincerity of Together for the Gospel. There are others that have responded as well. One of those responding is Rick Phillips. I think he helps us to see with clarity the real issue. Stay tuned. I also must mention that Dever has responded with a clarification.

There are more blog posts from Stetzer interviewing Andy Stanley on Communication. I will only link to part 5 you can do the rest of the work.

Another solid article from Finn and Reid on Calvinism and the SBC.

James McDonald writes a letter to a dying church.

Part 2 and Part 3 of CJ's interivew with David Powlison.

Timmy Brister offers 20 books that promote life-change. Can't believe he left off How People Change.

Last week I linked to the Time magazine article on The New Calvinism being #3 in new ideas changing the world. Thabiti is not nearly as optimistic as some. I should also mention that in a few places Driscoll got drilled for his take on the movement. But what else is new.

Trevin Wax offers advice on reading when you're broke.

John Piper tells us to Never Let the Gospel Get Smaller.

The new 9marks E-Journal is now online. JT summarizes it.

Dan Wallace corrects a common misunderstanding on textual variants. Pastors and those often involved with apologetics read this.

That will do for now....have to watch some March Madness.


  1. Hi,

    I hope it won't get ugly. If it does, it won't be Mark or I who make it so. I just cross-posted to the 9Marks site at Mark's invitation. See the comments at the bottom of the HB post.

  2. Here's the thing about Calvinism in the SBC...

    I have been told repeatedly over the last few years that I am a near heretic b/c I'm an Arminian. Now, I've met some Arminians who are frustrated with Calvinism, but I've never heard one say that Calvinist is a heretic or even close to one.

    This issue will not be resolved, me thinks, until Arminians stop being so offended at stupid crap and Calvinists stop equating their theology with the gospel itself. I appreciate Calvinist's passion for theology...really! But calling brothers in the Lord heretics is ridiculous - and from reading the blogs of SBTS prof's, they're not helping the problem, they're only perpetuating the misnomers regarding Arminianism.

    Again - neither side is innocent. But there is a lot to work through on this issue, that's for sure!

  3. Tom,

    Thanks for your comment. I need to ask a couple of questions. To what are you referring to in your comment? Which link? Is it the Finn and Reid article? If so, they are not SBTS they are SEBTS. Also, if you did not get a chance to read that article it's a great one--they are saying much of what you are saying here. If other blogs of SBTS prof's to which ones do you refer?

    I am confused as to what you are referring to with the "Calvinst's equating their theology with the gospel itself". I know that some have done that (including Spurgeon in a sense). I am also confused with your "calling brothers in the Lord heretics". Is this a response to one of the links or of jerky Calvinist in your own life?

    I am sorry that some of our caged-Calvinist brothers have condemned you as a heretic. You are right that is unfair and unwarranted; or as you termed it "ridiculous". It is funny that you have experienced the same thing with Calvinists that I have with Arminians. And i agree that neither side is innocent and it's a shame that there is even a "side".

    Anyways, thanks for you comment and for your faithfulness to Jesus.


  4. Thanks Mike. Sorry I wasn't clear. I wasn't critiquing the article, I was affirming it.

    I'd rather not say the professor, if that's okay. He's kind of a big deal out there and I don't want to shame him. Even when I complain about his stuff to my friends, I never mention his name.

    But the Spurgeon citation you briefly mentioned - that's exactly what I'm talking about. He equates Calvinism with the Gospel, and in the same context is not very nice toward Arminians.

    We have the same God, the same cross, the same Trinity, etc. And all that was good enough for the early church. Why can't that be good enough for us?

    But don't get me wrong - I love debating Calvinists! I just hate it when they turn nasty. And, apparently, in your experience Arminians have done the same. Let me apologize on their behalf. I'm so sorry that this happens between brothers.




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