Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A reminder that it's not about me

If we believe that our greatest good is that God might exalt us, make us happy without him, and affirm our innate goodness then we will be sorely disturbed when everything in creation and in the mission of God cries out the opposite.

God's mission is to be known among the nations not to make much of us. Creation testifies to this. The sun, the moon, and the stars do not cry out to testify of our greatness--they proclaim the majesty of God. Everything but our own hearts testifies to the greatness of God. If we think it's about us then life will deeply disappoint us.


  1. your sight has a great appearance. keep up the good work on here

  2. The depth of His grace and mercy is immeasurable isn't it? In Christ we have access to the throne of God yet we are so full of arrogance and pride... and make it about us. It disgusts me how I whore myself out to a God hating, pagan world, knowing He willingly took my place on that cross so that I can make much of Him, and I manage to screw it up.. time and time and time again, rendering myself completely useless to kingdom work.

  3. Brian,

    Yes, his grace and mercy are immeasurable. And I feel the same struggle as you do. Such a struggle is indeed a mark of one that has been won by the mercy of God. We are in the process of redemption but thankfully there will be a day when we will commit our last sin. Praise God that his redemption is complete.



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