Friday, March 6, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 3/06/09

Hunter Beaumont (on the Resurgence blog) thinks that "AND" might be the most important theological word. Read why he thanks that, here.

Ed Stetzer posts a discussion with Andy Stanley on communication. Be sure to read part one and part two. Jared Wilson interacts. Be sure to read what Jared has to say I think it is important.

John Piper confronts pansy dads that let their sons wrestle girls. Great interaction with a hot topic--this is about much more than wrestling.

CJ Mahaney interviews Jerry Bridges. Good stuff here.

Jay Adams discusses the emotions of God...or well, lack theirof. I have a question about this. If what Adams is saying is true--then can we really talk about God being happy and joyous?

Wow, you have to read this. It is the Eulogy that Erik Raymond's 13 year old, Bryce, wrote for him. (Note it was a school project the Irish Calvinist is still alive and well). All I can say is this 13 year old gets the gospel. Wow!

James MacDonald preaches a very needed message. I think some of those "discernment" blogs need to forward this around. I'm sure that he'll get "flamed" for this one...but great stuff: The Gift of Discernment Used in the Flesh

Hopefully I did not miss Part 2, but Alvin Reid and Nathan Finn have written a piece together about Calvinism and the SBC.

Even though this is a tad embarassing here is a video that I worked on with a few of our students last Fall. And it really is true--until I was married I really thought Bing Crosby was a black guy:

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