Monday, April 20, 2009

The irrelevance of preaching man’s myths

A little known web gem is that Themelios (the journal now operated by The Gospel Coalition) is available free of charge.  Check out back issues, here.  This morning, while reading through some back issues, I came across this quote by C. Rene Padilla:

“If Christian preaching is often regarded as obsolete, the solution is not to adapt the message to the mood of the day, but to let preaching be molded by the Word of God.  It is at this point that preachers for whom relevance is the most basic consideration in preaching are frequently mistaken—they fail to see the link between relevance in preaching and faithfulness to the gospel.  It is only in the degree in which preaching is allowed to be an instrument of God’s Word that men and women can receive it as a word from beyond, breaking into the human situation and acting with saving power.  There is nothing more irrelevant than a message that simply mirrors man’s myths and ideologies!”

What a great quote! You can read the full article here: God’s Word and man’s myths.

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