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This Week in Blogworld 4/17

John MacArthur confronts explicit teaching on Song of Solomon. (AKA Mark Driscoll) Read part 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The more I read the writings of Kevin DeYoung the more I appreciate him. He has begun a series (that is almost finished) on our high places. In these he is focusing on our idolatrous blind spots. Read The lack of Psalm singing, Worldliness in entertainment, The idol of youth, and Our lack of church discipline. Part 5 should be up some time within the next day or so.

Did Christ Have Gray Hair? Turns out your answer is more important than you think…

Great words from Dr. Moore: The Devil is a Boring Preacher: The High Stakes of Dull Sermons. Here is an excerpt: “If lost people don’t like your message because they’re hostile to the gospel, you’re in good company. But if you’re boring the people of God with the Word of God, something has gone seriously awry. It may be that you preach just like the devil, and that you don’t even know it.”

It sure is sad that Piper is defiling himself by having such conferences as this: Advance ‘09. UPDATE: I apologize for not being initially clear--I'm being silly by saying Piper is defiling himself by having such a conference as this. I think Advance '09 will be awesome. I even would love to attend--but will probably not be able to. So, sorry if anyone misunderstood and thinks I'm hating on the Advance conference.

Nathan White wonders why we have “altars”…I’ve wondered the same thing.

JT points us to an interview with Paul Tripp about marriage.

This is powerful:

Cardboard Stories from The Austin Stone on Vimeo.

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  1. Brother Mike,

    Thank you for linking Dr. MacArthur's blog series criticizing Pastor Driscol's seemingly blatant disregard for discretion in preaching on the Song of Solomon. I knew that Pastor Mark had troubles in the past with his use of language and explicit material in the pulpit, but I didn't realize it as a still ongoing problem, and most definitely not to the extent shown in his sermon in Scotland.

    In some areas, I believe Pastor Mark is appropriately blunt and has solid teaching method, but I believe that Dr. MacArthur is right about this being far, far beyond the line.

    Again, thanks for posting the link and for the fair warning.

  2. I think Russ Moore is one of the most arrogant young SBCers out there. Some people's personalities (God given!) just aren't made for dynamic preaching. But they are made for faithful, detailed analysis of a text.

    I guess the reason the comment frustrates me is that I was a teenager in a really boring church (guaged by Moore's standards), but though my pastor's personality was not adequate to make him a great speaker, it made him a wonderful mentor.

    To compare such a person with the Devil, to me, is just as stupid as Mark Driscoll's sophmoric humor.

    We don't need dynamic, preachers as much as we need faithful ones. (don't get me wrong, i DO think eloquence is important and we should always work on our sermons in pursuit of excellence)

    But that's just my opinion.

    Cheers brother.

  3. Tom,

    I do not know Dr. Moore so I will neither defend or disagree with your comment about his arrogance. I do think your comment might be a tad over the top--but, again I do not know him personally and would suggest that you confront him personally on this issue (which perhaps you have already done).

    As far as the article goes I think Dr. Moore would be in agreement with what you are saying. He is not talking about slick/dynamic preaching. He is talking about faithful preaching.

    You don't have to be a "dynamic" preacher to "listen to the literary power of the text". Nor do you have to be a "dynamic" preacher to confront human rebellion. I think all that Dr. Moore is saying is avoid information dumping devoid from the everyday life.

    His point is not to equate dull preachers with Satan. His point is much the same as James' point, "you believe in one God, good, so do devils". Notice his last sentence "You preach verse-by-verse through the text? You do well. The demons, they preach also—and they’re boring."

    Why are they boring? Because of what Moore said earlier: "Satanic preaching is boring because the goal isn’t to engage people with preaching. It’s to leave the “desires of the flesh” alone, so that the hearers may continue in their captivity to the prince of the power of this air."

    So, again, I have the utmost respect for the way you engage in discussion on many matters---but in this instance I think what you are saying is groundless. Just my opinion.

  4. Mike,

    You're probably right. I overreacted to Moore. I've read some things he's said previously in SBC magazines and newspapers and he really bothers me. I probably carried that previous aversion to him over into my analysis of the sermon you posted.

    I apologize for not just letting the sermon itself be judged on it's own merits. I don't trust Moore, but that doesn't mean he can't contribute valuable thoughts.

  5. why the hate on the Advance 09 confrence?

  6. I'm trying to figure out the same thing Joshua.

    This is the lineup:
    Driscoll -had some issues in the past, but just gave a very humble and Christ-exalting sermon at the Gospel Coalition (which Phil Johnson attended by the way)

    Chandler -A leader in preaching the gospel to those who grew up in church but aren't saved

    Stetzer -Humble SBC stats guy, gifted preacher and planter. This guy loves Jesus and sound doctrine.

    Eric Mason -Amazingly gifted in missiology. He knows how to reach urban culture (the place that fundamentalism left behind).

    Bryan Chapell -Wrote a book that has caused a generation of young people to believe in the power of God's word rightly preached and has caused a refocusing on expository preaching.

    Topics: Let the nations be glad; What is the church; Preaching the gospel to the de-churched; Keys to understanding the church and the Kingdom; Communicating the gospel through preaching; Marks of a healthy community of faith.

    This isn't "How to put on a laser light show to get people to come to your self-help church" and it's not "let's have a conversation about why we should get rid of doctrine" These guys love Jesus and believe in the mission of the local church. So ask as well, what's wrong with Advance 09?
    Danny Akin -President of SEBTS. Remarkable man. Humble and gracious to everyone I've heard him speak to. He's calling the SBC a great commission resurgence.

  7. Joshua and John,

    I apologize for the confusion. That was sarcasm...I should have been more clear in that. I think the Advance '09 Conference will be amazing. I may even try to attend.

    My sarcasm (which I will attempt to reword) is directed towards those that think Piper should shun Pastor Mark instead of loving him and ministering along side of him. Remember last year some of the outrage that came from Piper inviting Driscoll to the DG Conference?

    So, again sorry for the confusion I think Advance '09 is going to be phenomenal.

  8. LoL. Mike, I apologize man. You'll have to forgive me for my haste to defend guys I love. There's been so much heat over Driscoll these days. It's ridiculous. Good Bible-believing people are criticizing a Godly man who is trying to shepherd his flock according to God's word. It's not MacArthur's criticism that is killing me. It's the comments on his blog posts. It hurts my heart.
    Anyway, nice sarcasm. ;)



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