Thursday, April 2, 2009

The King Will Rescue Thee

It is National Poetry Month. I love to read poetry and I love to write it. I'm not sure I am all that good at either but it's still a joy that I have.

John Newton used to write a hymn/poem after many of his sermons. It has been a desire to do that myself. I've done it twice. You can read Newton's here: Olney Hymns. Here is a poem I wrote in response to a sermon on Zechariah that I preached.

The King Will Rescue Thee
Based on Zechariah 9:9-13

Prisoners held by foreign hand
with chains of oppression
We drown in the pit of strange land
another’s possession

Come, O King, set us free
keep us out of wars dread
No rescue in sight do we see
we will wait on deaths bed

In the distance barely to see
the King is forth coming
Prisoners of hope shout for glee
his beauty is numbing

Rescued we are from foreign rule
yet still we are not free
Bitter irony that tastes cruel
the slave master was me.

Prisoners captive by laws writ,
with chains of mock freedom
We drown in the waterless pit
kings of our own kingdom

Come, O King, set us free
break the chains of sins sway
No rescue in sight do we see
we sink in miry clay.

In the distance barely to see,
the King to come for us
but this time on Calvary’s tree
where he will pardon thus

Blood of freedom flows from his vein
doth cover the sin of thee
King forever always to reign
has cleansed you and me

Jesus, the King, ever to be
Will ye ask Him to rescue thee?

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