Friday, April 10, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 4/10

What Happened to the 12 Apostles as Proof of Easter; a great article by C. Michael Patton.

What is the significance of the shedding of blood in the atonement? RC Sproul answers.

Tim Challies hits this one out of the park: Evil as Entertainment. Combine this with Steve Camp’s “disclaimer” and you have a really excellent article.

Joe Thorn’s “Note to Self” was a good note for me too.

Sometimes I read the sermons from Geoff Thomas for my own sermon preparation. I was very excited to find this by Colin Adams: Preaching on Preaching.

“World” has a broad range of meanings. John Samson outlines the meaning of “world”. UPDATE: I should mention that he outlines the meaning of the word "world" in the Gospel of John, not the entire NT.

I have not gotten a chance to read this yet but it looks interesting. Michael Patton gives us a primer on Ghosts, or The Christian View of the Supernatural.

Tim Chester continues his discussion of Creating Communities of Grace.

I really like John Piper’s take on his visit to a main-line Protestant church; read it here.

Jay Adams asks, "Is All Help Truly Help?”

Alvin Reid continues his discussion of Towards a Great Commission Resurgence. This time he tackles Convergent Evangelism.

Tonight you can watch the Mars Hill Good Friday service live.

Didn’t know there was a third one of these…if you haven’t seen first 2 you should……but don’t think less of me after you do.


  1. The only problem I have with the Piper article is that leads his readers, unintentionally, to think that all mainline churches are like this. No doubt, there are many liberal mainline churches. But not all are. I wish he would also write on a good one. It would just provide a good balance.

    The comments by Sproul were really good. I wish pastor's would touch on that more often. I know there's a lot of confusion in the pew about it.

    As for the article on the 'world.' John 3:17 doesn't just refer to 'the elect' unless one assumes such a conclusion prior to approaching the text. I looked it up in full expectation of finding something somewhat Calvinistic sounding. But, alas, I think the guy was more participating in eisegesis than exegesis on that one.

    Now, don't get me wrong - I know cosmos is used differently throughout the NT. But I thought it was funny that the only place it 'explicitly' referred to the elect, according to the writer of the blog, was in a single verse...then, upon looking up that verse, I was still very unconvinced that it could even be used as a prooftext.

    I don't deny that there are verses that people can use to prove what he is arguing, but John 3:17 is not one of them...unless one assumes it prior to approaching the text....which is always a trap when we have a theological agenda (and we all do!)

    Cheers brother. Have a good Easter.

  2. Tom,

    As far as Piper I think you are right that it would be helpful to report on a mainline church that is not as liberal...As I read it I think that it is not "all" mainline churches but a decent majority---and when we are talking mainline churches I think that might be correct. (SBC isn't considered mainline right?)

    As far as the article on "world" I too thought that John 3:17 is having to read into the text a tad, I can see and understand his reading, but I do agree with you.

  3. Right. But United Methodists and a lot of Presbyterians are. And many of them are excellent churches...including some really good Episcopalian and Lutheran churches.



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