Monday, May 11, 2009

Facebook v. Twitter

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I would try Facebook and Twitter to see which one I liked the best and which one seemed to serve ministry purposes best.  The winner by a long shot is Facebook.  I do see how twitter can be beneficial and for that reason I will continue using Twitter as well as Facebook.  As you may have noticed I worked on integrating my blog with facebook and Twitter; as suggested by Timmy Brister

Top 5 reasons I choose Facebook over Twitter even though it’s not the sexy decision:

  1. More of my students and friends are on Facebook instead of Twitter
  2. I am not “famous” enough to really be able to network on Twitter
  3. I like being able to carry on a conversation that is more than 140 characters long and without having to use symbols
  4. I like some of the applications on Facebook
  5. Facebook is easier to follow than Twitter.  I get e-mail sent to me when something pertains to me.  Following every tweet on Twitter would be time consuming. 

If you have yet to add me as a friend on facebook then do it.  If you have yet to add me on Twitter I am @mikeleake. 


  1. I'm glad you chose Facebook. I don't have a Twitter yet. But I may not end up getting one.

  2. facebook is the devil



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