Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paul Tripp on Biblical Confrontation

I am convinced that if you pricked Paul Tripp he would bleed biblical wisdom.  I am consistently drawn to the cross with the pursuit of holiness when I read or listen to Paul Tripp.  Here is more biblical wisdom on biblical confrontation:

From God’s perspective, the only reason we confront one another is that we love the Lord and want to obey him.  Our failure to confront one another biblical must be seen for what it is: something rooted in our tendency to run after god-replacements.  We confront unbiblically (or not at all) because we love something more than God.  Perhaps we love our relationship with this person so much that we don’t want to risk it.  Perhaps we prefer to avoid the personal sacrifice and complications that confrontation may involve.  Perhaps we love peace, respect, and appreciation more than we should.  Here is the principle: To the degree that we give the love of our hearts to someone or something else, to that degree we lose our primary motive to confront.  But if we love God above all else, confrontation is an expression and extension of that love.

(Quoted from Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand by Paul Tripp, p.201)

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  1. I love that book; it has been so helpful to me personally and in ministering to others. I just finished reading it for a third time last week.....I am getting old and my memory needs working on!! This time I took some notes to review.;-)



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