Friday, May 8, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 5/08

Abraham Piper interviews Paul Tripp.  The first question concerns the difference between adult ministry and youth ministry. The second question is about motivation for obedience

This is a repost by Erik Raymond, but every preacher needs to read it: Preachers, Please Sweat Out the Text.

It’s a simple statement but it hit me like a ton of bricks: Why seek fame when you already have it?

Are we called to storm the gates of hell?  Kevin DeYoung points out a few exegetical oops.  This one is Matthew 16:18.

Kevin Bussey wonders why we say “but” if we know it’s truth.

Thabiti makes a good point of 5 things we do that other “religions” do not.

Matt Svoboda offers a profile of the lukewarm.

Greg Gilbert offers some “help” to those wanting to defend the guy you think is really cool.

Abraham Piper gives us 5 foundations for a Truth-Based Youth Ministry.

Greg Gilbert challenges Rob Bell’s definition of the gospel.

Have you ever watched Mystery Men?  I think these guys have:


  1. HAHA! thats video was awesome, sorry that I didnt focus to much on the rest of the post but Im about to do some readin' and I had to take time to check that one out

  2. The reference to Erik was great--what he says here helps to explain to me what really DOES make a difference in preachers. I believe that is why Piper, Driscol (sp?), Tim Keller etc are so good and so easy to listen to---You see a passion in them for what they are saying and a love that wants to communicate the truth to others. What Erik said below is right on!

    "The preacher, on the other hand, has been powerfully affected by the truth that he is proclaiming. He himself has spent a considerable time canvassing his own heart for agreement with the text’s proposition. Where there is a deviation from the divine will the preacher has bent his own will through prayer and meditation that he might be aligned with heaven in truth. Furthermore, the preacher is one who has worn out a path to the throne of grace petitioning for the hearts of his people to ‘get it’. The preacher is convinced of the urgency and power of the message; he really believes that what he is about to say is exactly what God wants these people to hear, therefore, it is the most important thing in the world for them to attend to at that very moment."



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