Friday, May 22, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 5/22

I follow Paul Tripp on Twitter.  I wish I could follow him in real life; like follow him around with a notebook type of stuff.  This guy has so much wisdom it is ridiculous.  Recently Abraham Piper had the opportunity to interview him.  This is I believe the final question but it is phenomenal.  What is the greatest hindrance to cultivating community in the American church?  Read Tripp’s answer here

Abraham also asked Tripp about non-sinful conflict.  Read his answer here.

Steve Camp gives 7 habits of the contemporary church, the traditional church, and the biblical church.  Great points.

I have not had the chance to check this out but assume it is just as solid as Children’s Desiring God.  Check out Praise Factory by Connie Dever (that is Mark’s wife). 

Dr. Mohler has a phenomenal response (Duh!, of course it’s phenomenal) to President Obama’s “speech” at Notre Dame.  Basically, Dr. Mohler says that Obama is only talking about talking about abortion; read it here

10 Questions for Pastor’s Wives.  (HT: Colin)

Tim Chester quotes some DA Carson to point out a danger in blogging.

The more I read Kevin DeYoung the more respect I have for this brother.  Another great article: False Apology Syndrome

James McDonald suggest 5 illustrations that need retired, first two this week

Material from Bryan Chapell’s preaching class are available.  Thanks Colin!

I wasn’t aware this was a continuing problem…maybe I’ve just started reading different stuff.  C.Michael Patton says, “Calvinists Calm Down!”

If you are an American Idol fan then this will make you laugh hard; especially if you thought Kara’s song was a tad silly.  Brant Hansen writes his song inspired by Kara:

I needed to hear this today.  It’s sad that the “hate” that Chan is talking about often comes from the church culture:

(HT: Jared)

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