Friday, May 1, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 5/01

Headlining the news this week (minus the Swine Flu epidemic) is Danny Akin, Johnny Hunt, and other’s championing The Great Commission Resurgence.  A new website has been put up where like-minded believers can sign the “manifesto”.  Tom Ascol explains why he signed itBart Barber explains why he cannot.

Speaking of Swine Flu, Dr. Mohler has some excellent thoughts on Love in a Time of Swine Flu.

The manuscript for Piper’s sermon at the 2009 Children’s DG Conference is now online:  The God-centeredness of God".  This is also a good read for father’s and mother’s. 

Another phenomenal blog post by Erik Raymond:  How do I make Christ appealing?  Erik is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. 

Also, a favorite blogger of mine is Jared Wilson.  I absolutely love his gospel-centeredness.  “Dude Where’s My Gospel” serves as a reminder of why we must never move away from the gospel.

I was hoping they would make these available and they have.  The workshops from The Gospel Coalition are now available online.  Now all I need is a couple weeks of free time to listen to all of them.  I think I mentioned it last week but if not here it is again:  All the audio and video from the Gospel Coalition is available here

Kevin DeYoung discusses church membership with a pastor that believes unbelievers should be able to join a church with a different set of vows. 

Zach Nielsen points us to a very interesting story about an Oakland pastor that chooses jail over a plea bargain. 

Joe Thorn with another “Note to Self”; this time a reminder to LIVE.

Wonderful, Wonderful, discussion on transformation by Bill Mounce.

How can you not love stories of the gospel penetrating hearts:

(HT: Josh)


  1. Who needs notes for your own testimony? you think you would remember it well enough

  2. I thought it was awesome and hit really really close to home. I really appreciate Mikes sermon from two weeks ago after he showed the Youtube video, to paraphrase, "be real", we are broken people in a broken world. Many times when I get the privilege of leading worship my heart is so heavy and burdened but I feel like I'm trapped in a closet and can't speak my heart, like there's expectations I have to meet or something. The young lady in this video is such a breath of fresh air, so what if she had to write it down, I would have as well, LOL.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words Brian. It is always so refreshing hearing a new believer sharing what Jesus is doing in their life. I really wish that we saw more openness and messy passion.

    Ryan, I think I would have used notes too. It's probably not that she has to write it out to remember it but so that she doesn't just ramble.

  4. Well sorry if I like to ramble, I guess Im just old fashioned that way

  5. not that it matters, but I was looking at Josh Harris' website last night and noticed that they require all baptismal candidates to write down their testimony to share with the church body. At first I thought this seemed a little odd and didn't know how I personally felt about it, but it grew on me and honestly, not to be crass, I would rather hear someone read something like this rather than the typical SBC banter I'm used to of "did you ask Jesus into your heart?" followed by an almost audible "yeah".

  6. Oh deffinatly, actually I like the idea and I think such a thing could really help with weeding out thise baptisms that potentially shouldnt have happened, it was just wird to me at first because I dont think I would have to write mine down not even to stop myself from rambling and I was mostly joking with all of that anyway. Regardless the video really brings joy to my soul and I think Mike said it right with How can you not love stories of the gospel penetrating hearts.



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