Friday, July 17, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 7/17

This will be two weeks worth of stuff…I never got around to posting last week with church camp and everything else going on. 

I’ve never heard of Francis Grimke but apparently Thabiti Anywabile has.  These two things to guard against when taking a stand is worth checking out. 

Morris Chapman has offered a clarification on his words at the SBC Annual Meeting.  Timmy Brister responds…with more to come later.  Timmy also discusses a little about the Clark Logan resignation here.

If I read the post correctly, Rod Dreher asks, “How do we raise kids in a pornified culture”.  Zach Nielsen gives his answer

What a great quote here by Spurgeon about the Bridge of Grace.

Boundless has put together a couple of posts talking about Joshua Harris’ I Kissed Dating Goodbye.  Check out Post #1 and Post #2.  Also check out Josh’s response

Nathan Finn has begun what looks like an interesting series: 15 Factors that have changed the SBC since 1979…that’s part one. 

Tony Reinke’s suggestions on indexing books is very helpful.  If only I had the discipline to listen.

The iMonk assess the Blogosphere’s Spirituality.  Helpful insights here.

Chuck Lawless has written an open letter to Older Southern Baptists.  I didn’t read it because I don’t qualify…that’d be like reading someone else’s mail right?

I’m a huge fan of Christopher Wright.  Recently he wrote for Koinonia a couple pieces on a false dichotomies in mission.  Check out part 1 and part 2.

Denny Burk provides a good commentary on Derek Webb’s new song/album

Good question and sound advice.  When do you begin the structural change toward elders?  Thabiti provides his answer and Michael McKinley offers his answer.

Carl Trueman talks about hurt mail as the new hate mail.

This question makes me laugh but it’s actually quite serious: How do I get black people to come to my church?

Here are three videos for your viewing pleasure.  I have yet to watch them all but they looked good…my internet connection is being weird and I would have to spend about 3 hours to view these 3 short videos.  If something is “off” or needs to be taken down please let me know.

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