Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Buy INLOW CD online

inlow You may not like Christian Metal.  I have to confess I am not a HUGE fan but it is starting to grow on me.  One band in particular that I love is INLOW.  I might be a tad biased.  Two of the guys in the band the Lord blessed me with the opportunity of leading to Christ.  The other three guys I have also had a great relationship with.  I love these guys.  They represent Jesus really well.  While other Christian metal bands are not as “upfront” about their passion for Jesus, these guys are.  At their CD release show they were heard praying together before they began playing.  Furthermore, their lead singer (Caleb) proclaimed the beauty and gloriousness of Jesus in them getting their CD out…but he did not fail to mention that Jesus would have been glorious had they never cut a CD. 

Did I mention that these guys are not even 20 yet?  I am so proud of these guys and look forward to seeing God receive glory through their life of ministry.  I would like to encourage you to check out their website: INLOW ROCK!  And I would also like to encourage you to buy their CD.  It’s only 5.00 and you will be blessed and be a blessing.  These guys are trying to save up to go on tour and take the glory of God to the nations.  Help them out by purchasing a cd.

Buy INLOW: Prayers for only $4.99


  1. Jeremy DeLaPorteJuly 21, 2009 at 1:32 PM

    Thanks Mike! You've been a huge blessing to us as well. I am very much going to miss you and your wife when we leave on tour. We'll be keeping you in our prayers!

  2. I couldn't agree more with your post Mike, it's a blessing to call them friends and brothers. I know the Lord has big plans for these guys, and for you as well, it's awesome to be acquainted with such amazing people!!!



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