Friday, July 24, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 07/24

John Piper has a new book out.  You can get it for free at DG.  Also check out JT’s interview with Piper concerning the book. 

Jay Younts from Shepherd Press has an interesting article on What Makes Bad Language Bad

Kevin DeYoung helps us young writers learn how to get published.  Check out part one and part two.  DeYoung also gives us a few points from Thomas Sowell On Writing.

Nathan Finn continues a series started a couple weeks ago: 15 Factors that have changed the SBC since 1979, Part 2.

Timmy Brister continues his response to Morris Chapman’s clarification.  In Part 3 Timmy outlines the history of what Baptist believe about saving faith.  I agree with Timmy theologically, but I have to say I think someone could just as easily go through 400 years of Baptist the believe just the opposite.  But the truth is all he has to prove to refute Chapman’s assertion is that there is a strand of Baptist thought that has been decidedly Calvinistic—and this he has done. 

Ed Stetzer interviews Jared Wilson on his book Your Jesus is Too Safe.  Great interview, great book, great responses from Jared.

I love this post by Piper:  The Bible Frees Us From Being Swayed by Overstatements

Enjoy this version of In Christ Alone: 

  (HT: Jared)

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