Friday, July 3, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 07/03

In the midst of a changing culture in Baptist life, Todd Benkert offers Things to Avoid in Baptist Disagreements

I’ve linked to these before, but now the entire list is compiled:  Ligonier Ministries has done us a great service by giving the Top 5 Commentaries for each book of the Bible.  Check out the list.

Michael Spencer steals all of my ideas about youth ministry.  Not really, but it’s nice to know that I’m not alone.  The iMonk gives his “model” of youth ministry.

It has been interesting to follow this “debate” between iMonk and Frank Turk concerning Mark Driscoll’s need to publicly repent.  See Turk’s Part 1, iMonk Part 1, Turk Part 2, and iMonk Part 2.  Be sure to read the comments on each of these. 

Bill Mounce answers a really good question: “How Rude Was Jesus?”

This is a very insightful point by David Fitch on Christendom evangelism.  (HT: Milton)

Not sure if I’ve linked to this before or not.  Pretty cool testimony from Korn’s Brian Welch:


  1. Good word from the guy who talked about SBC disagreements - good word, indeed!

  2. Every week I check your weekly roundup to see what kind of jewels you've found. It's gratifying to see that sometimes the process works both ways. Peace.



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