Friday, March 12, 2010

Upcoming at Borrowed Light

I have several writing projects that I am working.  But I have limited time to write.  There are also a few issues that I am trying to figure out whether I should even bother writing about.  Here are the things I am working on; tell me if anything interests you.

1. I have about 15-20 book reviews that I need to do. 

2. I am currently working on rethinking my view of the extent of the atonement, and figuring out how to best articulate it.

3. I am very passionate about interacting with the Southern Baptist’s GPS push.  This is one I am really struggling with.  I want to interact with this program as a whole, and a good amount of what I have to say may not be positive.  I am struggling with whether that would be positive or counter-productive.  Alongside of this…

4. I want to write about my excitement of the Great Commission Resurgence.  But I also want to interact with the SBC’s “Find it Here” website.  I am excited about taking the gospel to the nations but I wonder which gospel we are taking.

5. John Newton.  I would like to start a weekly column sharing and potentially interacting with Newton.

6. I have more I want to say about Gospel Sounding Legalism

7. I have more I want to say about Christian Unity.



  1. Mike,

    I am interested to hear how exactly you have been rethinking your view on the extent of the atonement. Also interested to hear your thoughts on the GCR. I am just now getting around to reading the Feb. 22 report myself and, in a lot of ways, it seems like more of the same old thing to me. Also, it would be really cool to hear more from John Newton. Didn't you have a website that had a great portion of his works posted for free?


  2. The extent of the atonement and how to articulate it could be very exciting, but it might encourage us "nit-pickers" to do our thing and waste some time...Perhaps you could cover the SBC stuff with a once-a-week post on SBC Missiology...Stuff from John Newton is always killer, too.

    Good points on both Gospel Sounding Legalism and Christian Unity...
    ...Just an idea, could you organize bi-daily themes and hit several of these together? Blessings to you, brother.



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