Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Life of a Shane & Shane (@ShaneandShane) Album

A few days ago, I bought and downloaded Shane & Shane’s new album. You can pre-order it here. And you can get an instant download here. I had the same experience with this album that I have had with all of the others. It looks something like this:

My opinion after the first listen:

Eh, it’s pretty good. I think I like their other albums better. Honestly, I’m a tad disappointed. The songs don’t seem to have the same depth or even catchiness. There are a couple of songs I think I will keep listening to, but as a whole this is not one of their better albums.

My opinion after the second listen:

Oh, wow, how did I miss that song? That one is really stellar. Maybe there are three of four songs that are pretty good on this one. Still not the best album. Quite a few songs that I could live without—but it’s solid Shane & Shane.

My opinion after the third listen:

Oh my goodness! That is what they were saying in that line! Tremendous. There are only a few songs that I could live without on this album. I’m starting to think this might be one of their better ones. Such depth. Such great songs. These really lead me into worship.

My opinion after the fourth listen:

Best album ever! Seriously, there isn’t a single song that isn’t amazing. I want to say this is the best Shane & Shane album but that means I would have to dethrone the others. Man, I can’t wait for their next album. These guys have never made a bad record…or even a bad song for that matter. We’ve got to figure out a way to get some of these songs into our church.


That happens every time I purchase a new Shane & Shane album. Their lyrics are so deep that you really do not catch all of them the first time. I’ve seriously never listened to a Shane & Shane song and shook my head at their theology. They are always spot on and Christ-centered.

Honestly, I want to be a writer and preacher similar to Shane & Shane. A friend paid me a tremendous compliment the other day when he said, “Reading Mike's posts is like a fine wine.” That’s my goal. I want to get better with each read/listen and not worse. That only happens by pursuing depth over flash.

You can purchase Shane & Shane new album here. Along with every other album they have ever made…because seriously, they are all the best album they have ever made.

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  1. Brandon was right, your posts are like fine wine. I enjoy your posts almost more than anyone else I read with regularity. I can be a bit of a picky reader, but I constantly find you solid, enjoyable to read, and humble. A rare combination. Thank you.



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