Monday, April 1, 2013

Why Easter is Cooler Than Christmas

It is Monday. The day after Easter. And I’m not blue.

That’s not the case usually the day after Christmas. The day after Christmas all the presents have been opened. The holiday season is coming to a close. The month of planning has come to a climax and now it’s over. It never seems to satisfy.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy thinking about and celebrating the incarnation. Truth be told we couldn’t have Easter without Christmas. But I like Easter better. The day after Christmas feels like it is time for life to go back to normal. Time to get back to the daily grind. Time to get started.

Easter feels like victory. And it is. Because on the Monday after the Resurrection everything is different. Sin has been conquered. Death is in its grave. Hell is being overturned. This compels us to mission, to proclaim an empty tomb. But it feels different than the day after Christmas.

It is Monday. The day after Easter. And I’m not blue.

He has risen! And now everything is different. Easter is way cooler than Christmas because Christmas only leads to Easter. The resurrection is the victory, forever changing every day after.

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